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About Telesupply

In the telecommunications business you can't be a mile wide and an inch deep. Telesupply is an Internet Telephony Service Provider dedicated to providing high quality phone service to all businesses. We are professionals in our industry with a combined 50 years of knowledge.

We have members on the board that have telecom experience dating back to the 1980’s with older traditional PBX and Key systems. Our experience in service is the reason we decided to change with the technology years ago and introduce a new way of selling cloud based hosted phone systems. Randy Ellis and Richard Valle have put together a team of Service Reps and technicians to ensure that we provide the simplest product, clearest sound, and most reliable customer service.

Telesupply started in 2005 as a simple dial tone and internet broker. We moved into hosted technology and systems when companies stopped buying hardware based phone systems and started asking about Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone systems. It took a special effort to move our company from a traditional interconnect sales company that sold legacy equipment to a hosted telephone provider that services cloud based phone systems.

Telesupply will never have an up-front cost for phones or PBX hardware. Currently a company has phone service and gets nothing for it except to dial out on a connection to the phones or PBX hardware they own. This equipment becomes outdated and the “Chuck in the Truck” technician who installed it is not around anymore. We decided to change the game by establishing a company that starts with service first, with the reliability of never having to worry about “Chuck” and if he is still around to help you with your legacy system or resold hosted system that you know nothing about. Our goal is to provide a service that includes the numbers, unlimited calling service, features, capabilities, phones/hardware on the desk, consulting and above all else reliability that someone will show up to your office when you need a technician to Move, Add or Change something, all for the same price as the current phone companies charge for just phone service.

What We Do

We do things different. Before we install our cloud phone system in your office, we have a checklist of ‘housekeeping’ that we adhere to. We check for proper internet speed, check your internal wiring, run a network assessment where needed, audit your phone numbers at the source off the bill and do all programming before we port. This is costly for us, but makes the cut over of services just a formality as opposed to a 'fingers-crossed event.

What we do is Service and our product is Service. Other companies sell a 3rd party product or service and then receive a small monthly commission in order to continue helping you with Moves, Adds, and Changes in the future. Some companies sell their own product and require an "IT Person" or “Phone Guy” to come out and install. This creates a problem for companies that don’t want to be “Phone Guys”. We allow you to be you, Lawyers to practice law, Doctors to practice medicine, Car Dealerships to sell cars and Real estate agents to sell homes. Our communications solution delivers what your business needs today and in the future.