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Cloud Phone
Service In
Long Beach, CA

Great Cloud Phone Service in Long Beach, CA through a local provider

Many of your competitors, friends, and neighbors have realized several benefits from using cloud phone service for their businesses.

Many businesses in Long Beach, CA, are setting up cloud phone service, realizing several benefits, and creating value for their companies. Since COVID-19, the value of these benefits has only increased.

How do we know this to be the case?

As a local cloud business phone service provider that started near Long Beach, we have many clients and customers throughout the City, including Naples, Bixby Knolls, and California Heights. They are businesses near the Long Beach Airport, the Port of Long Beach, and Cal State University Long Beach, and other areas.

What is a cloud business phone system?

Cloud phone service enables you to make phone calls over the Internet rather than over a traditional analog phone system. Whereas a conventional analog phone system requires copper wires, fiber-optic cables, and switches, cloud phone service is maintained at one or more secure, offsite data centers.

Cloud phone service has features created for consumer end-users, cloud business phone service has features designed for a business end-user. Popular features to be aware of with cloud business phone service include:

  • Local phone numbers
  • Advanced voicemail
  • Call-forwarding
  • Call-routing
  • An auto-attendant

Since COVID-19, interest in remote workforce solutions has skyrocketed.

Remote workforce solutions are communication tools that enable remote employees to communicate with customers, clients, and each other through a cloud business phone system. Employees working from home or remotely have access to all of the company's business phone system's features, and their phone activity is tracked within the system's call analytics and reporting. Some of the leading cloud business phone system providers have remote workforce solutions within their offering.

What are the benefits of using Cloud Phone Service?

There are many benefits a small business can realize from a cloud business phone service. Specific benefits include:

  1. Significant cost savings - Traditional analog phone systems require copper wires and fiber optic cables connecting traditional switches, all components that a company must buy and install to add new lines. In contrast, a cloud business phone system needs only a high-speed Internet connection and, perhaps, an IP-based handset. A cloud business phone system is priced based on fixed monthly fees per phone line, or 'seats.' As a result, a cloud business phone system has a much higher return-on-investment (ROI) than an analog phone system.
  2. Rich features - Cloud phone systems for small companies provide users with a wide range of standard features such as voicemail, advanced email, and automatic attendants.
  3. Availability with a wide selection of mobility applications - If you can't find the features that you need, you may be able to integrate third-party applications or apps into your cloud business phone system. Popular phone system integrations are with customer relationship management (CRM) and call-center management applications. Integration with industry-specific applications such as auto dealer management solutions is also standard.
  4. Scalability - The main goal of any business is to grow. A business phone system should be able to scale with the needs of the company. Growth with a traditional analog system requires new wiring and switches. In contrast, a new 'seat' within a VOIP phone system is added in minutes with a button's touch.
  5. Flexibility - VOIP phone systems can access the latest features and services without a hardware update.
  6. Quick disaster recovery - Your system should always be available to receive inbound sales calls, leads, or new business. Since your data is maintained in a secure environment away from your physical location, it is free from such weather and crime-related risks such as riots and vandalism.
  7. Uniformity - Adding a new location or remote worker to an existing business phone network is easy compared to an analog business phone system. Only a high-speed Internet connection and perhaps an IP-based phone is needed to add a new 'seat.'
  8. Benefits your IT person or team - Programming, maintenance, and support for your cloud business phone system falls upon your service provider. As a result, your phone system's support and maintenance are not added to your IT person or team's workload.
  9. Increased information security - Your service provider, is responsible for safeguarding your information and data security with a cloud business phone system. As a result, they much more resources available to protect your data resulting in much more protection than you could provide on your own.

What are popular features to look for in a Cloud business phone system?

Earlier, I touched upon the more popular cloud business phone features. Additional features to be aware of include:

  • Unlimited phone calls within the United States and Canada
  • System management and maintenance
  • Onsite support and training, moves, adds, and changes.
  • Mobile app
  • Operator group
  • Paging group
  • Advanced call routing
  • Built-in reports
  • Voicemail to email
  • CRM and Salesforce integration
  • Web conferencing and collaboration
  • Outbound dialer
  • Archiving

Telesupply cloud phone service includes all of these features and others.

Why should I work with a local cloud phone service provider in Long Beach, CA?

There are many cloud business phone services and VOIP providers located within the United States and around the World. Training, customer service, and support are often 'DIY' through online forums, email, or an 800-line. When your system is down and most in need of assistance, you will speak with someone you have never talked to before and will likely have trouble communicating with them for any number of reasons. If your business is like most other businesses, your business essentially shuts down when your phone system is down, making a service interruption more difficult.

Cloud Phone Service in Long Beach CAMany of our clients in Long Beach, CA, and throughout Los Angeles and Orange County select us for just that reason. Unlike other VOIP providers, you will speak with either James, Richard, or Phu when you call for support, customer service, or training. He will likely know you personally and know everything about your phone system pertaining to your business. If your service interruption is a problem that can better be addressed with a service call, we will make the short drive to your location to fix the issue. In contrast, a national business phone provider will likely hire an outside contractor or company to fix it. This may or may not work as they don't have a vested interest in getting your business phone system and your business up and running. They are not invested in the business relationship and have no interest, other than to get paid.

We are, first and foremost, a business phone services provider followed by a technology company. With over 28 years of experience, we provide every client with a business communication solution rather than a technical solution to a business communication problem. In other words, we will recommend the best solution to your business phone needs based upon our 28 years of experience rather than a "one-size" fits all solution. It could be a hosted or conventional PBX, adding a single VOIP phone or several, new phone lines, or a complete phone system. Our recommended solution to your business phone problem will be what we think will best address your problem, based upon our extensive history.

If your business is in Long Beach, CA, or a surrounding city, Telesupply has provided phone system service and support to companies throughout the region for over 28 years. As a result, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience working with specific industries, developing a deep understanding of their business needs. Industries we have worked with extensively include automobile dealerships, medical providers, professional services, manufacturing, etc. As a result, we understand the unique communication needs of businesses in these industries and others.

When you work with local cloud business phone service provider like Telesupply, you gain not only access to our technology but also our in-depth understanding and reputation of a business phone system provider with over 28 years in the business. Additionally, you gain access to all those qualities, such as excellent service that has fostered our growth.

In Long Beach or a surrounding city in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, contact us today by email, chat, or phone at (562) 333-3100 to get started or discuss how cloud business phone service can add value to your business.