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How Does Telesupply Support Your Business Working Remotely?

Telesupply Remote Work support

Learn How Telesupply Can Support Your Business Working Remotely And Also What Steps We Are Taking To Ensure Ongoing Service And Support

Since COVID-19 made our shores in February 2016, the most popular question we have been receiving from organizations and clients alike is:

"How do your phone systems support working remotely?"

In addition to our VOIP business phone systems doubling as remote workforce solutions, we wanted to share with you the measures we have in place to continue to support you, our clients if we are forced to work remotely.


How Telesupply Can Help You Work Remotely with our VOIP Phones

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, working remotely was a luxury reserved for the lucky few.  In mid-March 2020, It was required if your business was deemed “non-essential” by local, state, or federal government officials.  As a result, the most popular question we have received since then, by both existing and prospective clients, has been:

“How can Telesupply help my business work remotely?”

Fortunately, our response has always been the same, “our VOIP business phone service already supports working remotely when used with the mobile app that is already in place.”

Telesupply Operations Supporting A Remote Work Environment for Clients and their Employees

The following is what we are doing to support a remote work environment should it be required.

Business hours
Normal business hours are Monday through Friday between 7 AM to 5 PM PST.  Emergency support is available “after-hours” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telesupply services are designed for remote administration.  Our engineers can provide support remotely as long as Internet access is available.

We provide ongoing training for our engineering team.  As a result, service and support can be rendered by any member of our engineering team.  They have the access and resources needed to work from home or the office.

By supporting a remote work environment, we are putting the health and safety of our employees and customers first.

Telesupply’s Solutions Supporting Remote Work

Telesupply customers using ZAC or VOIP business phone service have three options when it comes to implementing remote phone service.

  1. (Recommended) Take the physical device home and continue with business as usual. We recommend a POE Injector from home with a router having high-speed internet service (10Mbps Down/ 10Mbps up). A wired connection is highly recommended.
  2. For access with a mobile device, use the Android or iOS Zultys Mobile Communicator “ZAC” app.
  3. For access with a desktop computer, use MXIE Windows or MACOS desktop applications. Access may be subject to licensing requirements.  Please contact us for additional details.

 Implementing Remote Work Solutions for your Organization

If you are not a client or your organization is looking to accelerate its move to ZAC or at-home workers, please call our office at 562-333-3144 Option 2.

Additional Information

We urge you to test these options and consult with your IT personnel or our technical support.
Please note: Due to the nature of remote or home networks, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure a capable, secure and preferably hardwired internet connection is working properly before using the options above.

To order POE Injectors please email or call us during normal business hours at 562-333-3144 Option 2.

E911 from the physical Telesupply provided phone. E911 is not available with remote  devices although additional services are available. Please call for more info.