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Keep Your Customers Happy with Telesupply’s Integrated Call Center

As your business grows, so will the amount of incoming calls that your business receives. The customer support system you had in place will quickly become overburdened, and your organization will need to adapt. If your business doesn’t adapt quickly enough, the wait times your customer’s experience will increase drastically. According to research by Dialogtech, 15% of callers will hang up at the 40-second mark. That figure is a significant amount since that is potentially 15% less revenue being generated by your company. Fortunately, Telesupply can reduce call wait times and make your customer service representatives more efficient with our Integrated Contact Center (ICC).

Our ICC solution comes pre-packaged to streamline operations and improve the ability of your managers to view real-time call statistics. You’ll be able to view average wait times, the maximum wait time, and the amount of time a caller waited before abandoning the call. All of these metrics will allow your company to configure your customer service practices.

Another feature that will increase your customer service is Call Attached Data (CAD). CAD is a popup window that will allow your customer service representative to take notes. The notes will be attached to the caller, so if they call back, the next customer service representative will know what was said during the previous phone call. This feature will increase customer service as the caller will not have to repeat the situation to a new representative.

ICC is a highly scalable solution as well. It can support up to 10,000 users, so as your company grows, your contact center will grow with it. There is no need for additional hardware purchases as this solution is a software-based product.

Here are some more key features:

  • Call Recording
  • Customizable music-on-hold
  • Supervisors can listen to calls, or whisper-thru to the customer representative
  • Webchat capabilities
  • Customers can hang up and will be called back in the order they called

If your business requires contact center solutions, contact Telesupply. Our Integrated Call Center will streamline your operations, increase your customer service, and keep your customers happy.