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Phone System

Manage calls, voicemails, faxes, and business texts through a single service.  You can do that with a cloud-based phone system.

Cloud-based phone service with dozens of robust features.

Looking to find out if a cloud-based phone system is the best solution for your business?  You have come to the right place.  Learn:

Why your business needs a cloud-based phone system?
How a cloud-based phone system is like cloud-based software?
What is a cloud-based phone system?
What are the benefits of a cloud-based phone system?

Do you have additional questions or looking for a cloud-based phone system for your business in Los Angeles or Orange Counties, contact us or call (562) 333-3144.

Why your business needs a cloud-based phone system?

Several years ago, the business model for software went online in the form of software-as-a-service or “software-on-the-cloud” (cloud computing). Currently, business phone service is undergoing a similar transition in the form of a cloud-based phone system.

One of the big benefits of the transition to software-as-a-service was the elimination of capital expenditures associated with buying and setting up the software to address your business needs. These expenditures included not only the set-up and configuration costs but also the hardware costs covering such things as your network connection and the server housing the software. These costs were eliminated and absorbed into the operating costs.

With hosted a cloud-based phone system like those offered by Telesupply, there’s no lock-in to long-term contracts or expensive hardware. You sign up on a pay-as-you-go – i.e., month-to-month – basis to keep your cost structure manageable.

A cloud-based phone system is typically less expensive than an on-premises business phone system over the long term, as well. Since there is much less hardware to manage (other than desk phones, when applicable), you can wave goodbye to expensive telephone-line installations and costly PBX-system and switch repair and maintenance.

How is a cloud-based phone system like cloud-based software?

Cloud-based phone systems are undergoing the same transition as cloud-based software. However, rather than the network and server, cloud-based phone systems are migrating their phone lines, switches, and PBX systems to the Internet resulting in not only greatly reduced capital investments, but also reduced operating costs, amongst additional benefits.

What is a Cloud-based Phone System?


A cloud-based phone system is primarily hosted on the Internet, or the cloud. Data is stored in a secure environment online. A cloud-based phone system replaces traditional landlines and everything that comes with a service that is hosted by an experienced third-party service provider such as TeleSupply.

Whereas a traditional business phone system requires on-location hardware, consistent maintenance, and tons of wires, all a cloud-based phone system needs is a high-speed Internet connection. Everything needed for your system is stored with your third-party service provider.

Cloud-based phone systems are less expensive, and easier to use that traditional landline phone systems. For some industries, such as healthcare, cloud-based phone systems are less of a security risk because data is housed at a secure location, rather than on site.

What are the benefits of a Cloud-based Phone System?

  • Fast set-up. The phone lines, switches, and PBX system are all integrated into the service.
  • Save money on hardware costs. They are rolled into your low monthly service payment.
  • Remote capabilities since you are using the Internet. Gone are the days of local and International calls.
  • Take advantage of features included in traditional phones such as voicemail transcription, and business texting.

Getting started with a cloud-based phone system is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Enter your contact information, select additional features and click "Get Started". We take care of the rest handling, set up, installation, and training. That is all, easy as 1, 2, 3...

TeleSupply Cloud-based Phone Service Packages for your business

Unique Cloud Phone Service User Packages


Standard User

From .99 / month
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ZIP 45G Desk Phone

  • + 45G Desk Phone Included
  • + 24x7 Support
  • + Unlimited Phone Calls within the US and Canada
  • + High Definition (HD) Voice quality
  • + Voicemail
  • + Call forwarding
  • + Advanced Call Routing
  • + Telesupply Mobile Communicator for iPhone / Android
  • + Built-in Reports
  • + Voicemail to Email
  • + Call Groups

Most Popular

Standard PLUS User

From .99 / month
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ZIP 45G Desk Phone

  • + 45G Desk Phone Included
  • + Standard Package Included
  • + Desktop App (PC and Mac)
  • + Team Collaboration
  • + Telesupply ZAC
  • + MXvideo Single User License (Adds HD Video support to ZAC)
  • + Telesupply Mobile Communicator for iPhone / Android
  • + MXconference: Voice Conference Participant license (Max 60 Participants)
  • + Fax Session (origination or termination, Max 60)

Premium User

From .99 / month
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ZIP 47G Desk Phone

  • + 47G Desk Phone Included
  • + Standard & PLUS Package Included
  • + Telesupply ZAC
  • + MXvideo Single User License (Adds HD Video support to ZAC)
  • + MXconference: Voice Conference Participant license (Max 60 Participants)
  • + Telesupply Mobile Communicator for iPhone / Android
  • + Fax Session (origination or termination, Max 60)
  • + Inbound Call Center: (ICC) License for one agent or supervisor
  • + MXreport – Contact Center Edition

Benefits Of Working With TeleSupply

  • We sell business telecommunications customized to your needs. If you need a phone, we can sell that to you as well.
  • When you buy from us, you get 28+ years of knowledge, experience, and training.
  • While telecommunications is global, our service is local
  • 28+ years of business telecommunications consultation, sales, installation, service, and training.

What our customers say about working with us.


Telesupply brings the experience and sharpened skills together with today's technologies helping businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity from their team, and even make companies more competitive in their industry. Telesupply delivers high value to their customers through their team providing excellent service and positive business solutions.

Doug Cirbo
Regional Sales Director West


We have worked with TeleSupply for several years now. They are reliable and efficient. We used them for a big project when we moved into our new facility to create a computer room and run drops in all the new offices. Definitely recommended! Flor Lazcano


We have had a 6 phone business system with Telesupply for the past 3 years. The system has been flawless. The tech support at Telesupply has been great. Whenever we needed them, they have been prompt and efficient. Another great plus for me is that they are a local company and they can response on-site if needed.So far we have not needed them to come to our office. They can take care of most problems from their central office. Emanuel Grain

    Frequently asked questions.

    A cloud-based phone system or cloud phone is a phone service that enables you to make calls over the Internet. In contrast, a traditional analog phone uses copper wires or optical wires to make a connection. Cloud phones are hosted in one or several offsite secure data centers.

    Voice-over-Internet-Protocol or VoIP is a broad term that represents many Internet-based services. Increasingly, VoIP services are often rebranded as cloud phone systems.

    The “cloud” is simply a way to describe how a VoIP company’s servers interact with one another. Many early VoIP solutions were hosted solutions whereby many current offerings are maintained online.

    Cloud-phone systems enable you to work anywhere with a working Internet connection.  Some cloud-based phone services offer free phone apps that allow you to work from wherever you like. You can extension dial your time, call public switched telephone networks (landlines), and use phone presence that tells you when your coworkers are occupied with calls, all without setting foot into the office.


    No, you will not have to dial a 9 to make a call outside. Actually, if your current phone system is requiring you to dial 9 before making a call that is contrary to current laws. As of February 16th, 2020, Kari’s Law requires all phone systems to not have to dial a 9 before making a call. This is specific to 911. Because of this law, if your current phone system requires a 9 in order for you to dial out, it actually needs to be reprogrammed or completely switched out right away. When calling 911, not only does the operator need to know where to send help, but, the operator also needs to know exactly where that person is located on the premise of a large business or campus. Some companies have multiple addresses or in the case of schools have multiple officers are classrooms. Knowing just the address isn't sufficient information anymore.

    Actually, our VoIP or Cloud phone systems are designed to be easy to use. A tremendous amount of research and development has gone into what users like and what users are comfortable learning. Is there some training needed? Of course, there is. Anytime you have brand-new technology they'll be training involved but I can assure you it is our goal to make this as smooth a transition as possible. We would say the main change in using VoIP is the Park feature versus the Hold feature. In VOIP or cloud phone systems, when you park a call that allows everybody on the phone system to see who is on the park button. The park feature allows other users on the phone system to pick up the call. When you push the Hold button, that is going to allow you to keep the customer for yourself. In other words, no one else on any other phone will be able to pick up your call while it is on hold.