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CRM Phone System

How your business can benefit from CRM phone system integration

Your business phone system is a powerful communication tool that is the foundation of your organization.  For most businesses, it is an essential part of the sales, marketing, and customer service process, the 'lifeblood' of every organization.  Technology is finally to the point where you can give your sales and customer service team all of the information within your organization when they need it most.  When they are interacting with your prospect or client.

Rather than your sales or sales or customer service team having to juggle searching through software, taking notes, and reading notes with maintaining a conversation, technology is finally available that automatically gives your team the information they need when they need it most, without any effort on their part.  With CRM phone system integration, prospect and customer history and information is automatically served to your sales and customer service team as they are speaking with that person through your business phone system.  They can then focus on what matters most, closing the deal, and keeping your customers happy.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration with your business phone system

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications use data analysis about a prospect or customer’s interactions with a company to streamline the sales process or improve business relationships with customers. When combined with cloud phone systems or cloud call center solutions, they can put valuable CRM reports and sales funnel data into the hands of your sales resulting in several benefits, including:

  • Real-time calling data – Rather than your sales team logging call data, call information is automatically logged to the appropriate record
  • Closed-loop analytics – Provide your sales team with access to CRM reports and sales funnel data to make sales having higher revenue and conversion rates.
  • A better customer experience – A sales agent can access a prospect’s or customer’s profile as they are making the sale so that they can focus on closing the deal rather than collecting information.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity – Free up your sales team’s time to focus on selling by automating the grunt work of looking up and logging customer information.
  • Better management of the customer process – Cloud phone system CRM integrations can give managers key metrics for each individual agent such as the number of calls take per day, the number of hang-ups, the average wait time, and much more.

By integrating your CRM application with your business phone system, you can create a customized business phone solution that gives your sales and customer service teams the tools that they need to do their best work.  The end result is the possibility of realizing the benefits listed above within your business.

CRM phone system integration and Telesupply

When it comes time to integrate your applications with your business phone system, Telesupply is the best choice for several reasons.  Specifically:

  • We have over 28 years of professional experience working with business phone systems.
  • While we have our own business phone solution, we also provide consulting services, presenting you with the best brand-agnostic solution to your business problem.
  • We are focused on the business phone system needs of businesses throughout Southern California.
  • Our mission is clear, simple, and reliable business phone systems and services.

A lot more than just CRM phone system integration

While CRM phone system integration is one of the more popular application integrations, it is by no means the only application integration.  There is also email application integration and call-center application integration.  Telesupply can help you with not only your CRM phone system integration but also most application integrations with your business phone system.  Contact us today to discuss your CRM phone system integration or application integration needs.

CRM Phone System Integration and Popular Application Integrations

Your cloud phone system from Telesupply integrates with not only CRM integrations, but also a range of 3rd party applications.  One of the most popular CRM phone system integrations is with Salesforce CRM. Communicator™ with Integrated Call Handling and CRM Integration

The Telesupply Communicator provides close integration between the Telesupply IP phone system and the CRM application suite. You can have full call control from within a contact record, including click-to-dial from the CRM record, Hold, Park, Transfer, call notes and call log. This application also provides screen pops for inbound calls with known account information displayed. Agents can communicate quickly and effectively directly from and conveniently capture call information to boost response times and the quality of customer service a company provides.

Popular application integrations with Telesupply business phone systems include:

Outlook Communicator™ Unified Communications and Call Control

With Telesupply Outlook Communicator your Telesupply IP phone system can be closely integrated with Microsoft Outlook™. You have full call control and can phone your contacts directly from Outlook. This product conveniently synchronizes Presence with your Outlook calendar, allowing it to be changed directly from Outlook. These features bring tighter integration between the Telesupply UC platform and the Microsoft messaging platform.

Microsoft Exchange Communicator™ Boost Agent Productivity with Integrated Call Controls

MS Exchange® integration via MS Exchange Communicator (MSEC) allows MX users to have their voice mails and faxes automatically delivered and synchronized to their email client on Windows based PCs. When a user reads or deletes the email message on their PC, the voice mail / fax message state on the MX system will reflect the change.

MSEC 2.0 and later supports integration with MS Exchange 2010 SP1 and later, as well as MS Exchange Online. The MSEC application must be installed on a host PC running Windows XP Pro or later (machine must be able to join Domain). The MX system must be running Release 9.0 or later.

Benefits of Working with TeleSupply

  • We sell business telecommunications customized to your needs. If you need a phone, we can sell that to you as well.
  • When you buy from us, you get 28+ years of knowledge, experience, and training.
  • While telecommunications is global, our service is local
  • 28+ years of business telecommunications consultation, sales, installation, service, and training.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say…


Telesupply brings the experience and sharpened skills together with today's technologies helping businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity from their team, and even make companies more competitive in their industry. Telesupply delivers high value to their customers through their team providing excellent service and positive business solutions.

Doug Cirbo
Regional Sales Director West


We have worked with TeleSupply for several years now. They are reliable and efficient. We used them for a big project when we moved into our new facility to create a computer room and run drops in all the new offices. Definitely recommended! Flor Lazcano


We have had a 6 phone business system with Telesupply for the past 3 years. The system has been flawless. The tech support at Telesupply has been great. Whenever we needed them, they have been prompt and efficient. Another great plus for me is that they are a local company and they can response on-site if needed.So far we have not needed them to come to our office. They can take care of most problems from their central office. Emanuel Grain

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