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Music on Hold

Increase caller retention rates, possibly increase sales and improve customer satisfaction rates with Music on Hold.

Music On Hold makes time go by faster and the waiting experience better for those holding.

Looking to learn more about Music-on-Hold?  You have come to the right place.  We are a leading music-on-hold supplier and business phone provider in Orange County serving many of the area's leading companies.   On this page, you will learn:

Do you have questions or looking for music on hold solutions for your business, contact us or call (562) 333-3144.

What is Music On Hold?

Music on hold is a feature that plays a recording of music or speech when an incoming call is placed on hold. Many people often ask why “music on hold” is so bad, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be.

If your business relies on inbound sales or customer service calls and callers routinely have to wait on hold, you should seriously consider Music on Hold. Inbound callers placed on hold without Music on Hold will hear silence. With Music on Hold, customers hear a recording in the form of either music or speech. The music must be a recording because FCC regulations do not permit live radio.  Custom music on hold works on traditional business phone systems, cloud-based phone systems, and unified communication systems.

Why is Music on Hold important?

Waiting on hold in silence frustrates inbound callers, with many hanging up before connecting with an employee, leading to a bad customer experience or lost sales. As a result, it is essential for any company that has extended hold times for inbound calls. Companies that address their customer’s needs regarding extended hold times result in a positive customer experience and possibly prevent a lost sale.  This is very important because as you know, it is always going to be cheaper to keep an existing customer happy than it is to find a replacement.

What are the benefits of Music on Hold?

Music on hold makes the hold time seem shorter for people on hold, reducing frustration and increasing customer satisfaction rates, caller retention rates, and possibly even saving a sale.

Music on hold doesn’t necessarily have to be only music. Many companies will often mix promotional messages or informational messages into their selections. For example, an industrial supply company can run promotions or specials while a caller is waiting to speak to sales or customer support.

Another strategy to increase customer satisfaction rates is to offer an estimated wait time to customers in the queue. They can also offer callers information on where they can find the information they seek themselves to help the customer find what they are looking for while reducing the demand for live agents.

Yet another strategy is to offer the option of receiving a call-back in their messaging. With this option, the caller leaves a message, and a representative calls them back once they are at the top of the queue, rather than waiting on hold.

An added benefit of music on hold is that it makes your business appear more professional resulting in a positive impression and possibly a saved sale. Music on hold is an easy way to improve any caller’s experience and perception of your company.

Telesupply can record customized music on hold for your business.

Telesupply offers over 40 background songs and 4 voice talents to give your company the edge. Please use the page below to demo each one of our voice talents and choose a song that best fits your company.

Basic Plan

Our Basic Music on Hold packages start at $169 and include the following:

  • The Necessary Hardware To Integrate Into Your Phone System
  • Royalty-Free Hold Music Which You Can Legally Play
  • Voice Talents That Reflect Professionalism
  • One Time Charge - No Ongoing Fees/Contracts

Professional Plan

Our Professional Music on Hold Service is part of your Telesupply Cloud Phone System subscription and includes all of the above plus a script customized to your business.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say…


Telesupply brings the experience and sharpened skills together with today's technologies helping businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity from their team, and even make companies more competitive in their industry. Telesupply delivers high value to their customers through their team providing excellent service and positive business solutions.

Doug Cirbo
Regional Sales Director West


We have worked with TeleSupply for several years now. They are reliable and efficient. We used them for a big project when we moved into our new facility to create a computer room and run drops in all the new offices. Definitely recommended! Flor Lazcano


We have had a 6 phone business system with Telesupply for the past 3 years. The system has been flawless. The tech support at Telesupply has been great. Whenever we needed them, they have been prompt and efficient. Another great plus for me is that they are a local company and they can response on-site if needed.So far we have not needed them to come to our office. They can take care of most problems from their central office. Emanuel Grain

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