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Are you providing your customers with an effortless experience?

When your business is all about the customer, whether it be in terms of sales, service, care, or experience, you can’t afford to not be using contact center solutions.

Your prospects and customers expect an effortless experience. If they don't get that, they move onto your competitors, fire you, or leave negative reviews online destroying your brand image. Your business needs two things to succeed in customer service:

  1. A team of capable employees, and
  2. The tools that help them succeed

Does your technology support the volume of calls to your business? Are you optimizing your employees’ time for the best productivity?

Telesupply has designed our Integrated Contact Center (ICC) solution to optimize operations and efficiently handle customer calls. The ICC solution comes pre-packaged with features to streamline operations and improve the management of a customer service department of any size and call volume.

What are Contact Center Solutions?

Contact center solutions are a collection of cloud phone-based capabilities, features, and services that help businesses accomplish their customer experience goals.

Contact center solutions are often treated like building blocks. Companies will often buy features one-at-a-time, stacking solutions one right on top of the other. Even though this has been a common practice for over ten years, this practice is unstable for several reasons. Specifically, its:

  • Many times, each new feature comes from a different source.
  • Isolating: Oftentimes, the software is not integrated, meaning it doesn’t foster collaboration.
  • If the software is not integrated, the Call Center employee will often have to jump between solutions to work, limiting their effectiveness and speed, and hurting customer service and satisfaction.

What are the benefits of call center solutions?

Benefits of call center solutions include:

  1. Optimize the customer journey management process
    Sales and customer satisfaction can make or break a business. By integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) solution with your contact center solution, you take control of the customer management journey enabling you to not only optimize the process but your team as well. Arming your customer service team with the tools they need to do their job, the result is increased customer satisfaction.
  2. Increase collaboration and communication
    While call center solutions often focus on customer communication and management, they can also incorporate internal collaboration tools to enable your sales and customer service team can work from the same page. By incorporating tools to foster internal communication, your team can resolve customer service complaints seamlessly across departments, increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Enterprise-level capabilities at an affordable price
    Add-on solutions as opposed to integrated solutions often come not only at an additional cost but also with additional training needs and service contracts. For small to medium-sized businesses, this often means limited functionality and strained budgets. In contrast, integrated solutions work with what you already have bypassing additional training and service contacts.

Telesupply Contact Center Solutions Features


  • Advanced Call Routing based on real-time activity
  • Call Recording – full-time and on-demand
  • Call Attached Data (CAD) for customizable Agent Scripts, wrap up/exit codes, and more
  • Optional integration with external CRM & Outlook, workforce management applications, and other 3rd party tools
  • Multiple Reporting options
  • Webchat Capabilities
  • Multimedia Queue – calls, webchats and callback requests are queued in the order they are received
  • Customizable music-on-hold & position in queue & expected wait time announcements
  • Last Agent Routing option will send repeat callers to the same agent that handled their previous call
  • Fully integrated fax server
  • Wallboard for real-time ICC group analysis


  • Chat, Instant Message & Presence allows agents to collaborate effectively
  • Supervisors can Silent Monitor, Barge in & Whisper-thru to Agents
  • Supervisors monitor all activity in SuperView™: Real-time call monitoring & statistics for multiple ICC Groups in a single window
  • Agents can receive calls on their mobile devices with Telesupply Mobile Communicator for iPhone and Android
  • Calls can be assigned to specific Agents
  • Agents can be members of multiple ICC groups
  • Agent login/logout – initiated by Supervisor or automatically by the system
  • Shared ICC Group Voice Mail box with multiple outgoing greeting options, email notifications and escalation facilities
  • ScreenDial™ lets Agents click-to-call numbers directly from any application

See how we implemented contact center solutions for a car dealership.

Benefits of Working with TeleSupply

  • We sell business telecommunications customized to your needs. If you need a phone, we can sell that to you as well.
  • When you buy from us, you get 28+ years of knowledge, experience, and training.
  • While telecommunications is global, our service is local
  • 28+ years of business telecommunications consultation, sales, installation, service, and training.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say…


Telesupply brings the experience and sharpened skills together with today's technologies helping businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity from their team, and even make companies more competitive in their industry. Telesupply delivers high value to their customers through their team providing excellent service and positive business solutions.

Doug Cirbo
Regional Sales Director West


We have worked with TeleSupply for several years now. They are reliable and efficient. We used them for a big project when we moved into our new facility to create a computer room and run drops in all the new offices. Definitely recommended! Flor Lazcano


We have had a 6 phone business system with Telesupply for the past 3 years. The system has been flawless. The tech support at Telesupply has been great. Whenever we needed them, they have been prompt and efficient. Another great plus for me is that they are a local company and they can response on-site if needed.So far we have not needed them to come to our office. They can take care of most problems from their central office. Emanuel Grain

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