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Telesupply is Here to Support Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many businesses in a difficult position. As it’s forcing them to either switch over to working remotely to continue operations or close their doors until the quarantine is over. For some of the companies affected, the latter of those choices is not an option. However, it is challenging to switch a workforce over to operating remotely without proper help. Luckily for them, Telesupply is here to support businesses through these difficult times.

Since Telesupply is considered a public utility, we’re still fully staffed and ready to help your business. Our remote staff is here to make the switch easier with our following services:

  • Voip Cloud Phones
    Our Voip Cloud phones offer a host of innovative features such as mobile and desktop apps. All of which allow your business to keep the phones ringing even while at home.
  • Unified Communications
    Our unified communications solution lets you roll multiple forms of communications for remote work into a single package.

    • Voice & Telephony for desktop, mobile, pc-based and video telephony.
    • Conferencing solutions for audio, video, and web conferencing.
    • Messaging applications that include voicemail, email, and unified messaging.
  • Application Integration
    From Outlook Communicator™ to Communicator™, we can properly integrate your phones with an extensive range of 3rd party applications and CRM applications. Making it easier for you to keep track of the work being done.

Telesupply has moved close to 100 businesses over to working remotely, so you can trust us to help your business do the same. Contact us today or give us a call at (562) 333-3144 to get the support that makes switching to a remote workforce simple and easy.