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Telesupply Is Starting the New Year Off on a Positive Note

2019 was an excellent year for us at Telesupply. We were able to help numerous companies become more efficient with their phone systems while saving those businesses thousands of dollars on their phone bills. Because of our customers’ belief and trust in us, we were fortunate to double our year over year business, while experiencing less than a 1% churn rate. Our success can be directly attributed to our clients’ trust in our industry-leading service.


A business that entrusted Telesupply with their phone system technology was The Honey Baked Ham Company. Honey Baked Ham just wrapped up their busy season, and they were able to produce more sales on less call volume. This increase in sales is attributed to the higher efficiency of their phone systems due to a reconfiguration in their call center.


We were able to assist Class Graphix by updating their phone systems. They were using old analog phone systems that were costing them 80-100 dollars a month per phone line. We saved them hundreds of dollars on their phone bill, and their ROI was seen in the first month.


An industry that we are excited about helping is the car dealership and service industry. There is a great demand for cutting-edge call center technology to assist their sales and service departments. We are working hard to develop technology that will allow companies to track their ad campaigns and run call statistics and to track the ROI on each campaign. This technology will enable car dealerships to see how well their marketing campaigns are working.

As always, we are very appreciative of the trust and commitment that our clients have shown us. We will continue to work diligently to ensure that your trust is not lost with us. If your company would like to see the service and industry-leading solutions that we provide for