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Telesupply Takes Pride in Providing Solutions for Our Customers

Here at Telesupply, we take pride in knowing we provide the most effective solutions for our clients. With over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge, we have a proven track record of client satisfaction. We want to highlight some of the projects we have recently completed.


Absolute Abatement is a construction and demolition company. Located in Santa Fe Springs, CA, they specialize in asbestos, lead, and mold remediation. They were using an old Avaya phone system that had crashed. Absolute Abatement had contacted us for a routine service call when our technician noticed that their phone systems were outdated and defective.

We installed a new VoIP phone system, and we forwarded their incoming calls during the transition. This service allowed them to continue receiving calls so they could continue providing their vital service. Absolute Abatement is also taking advantage of Telesupply ZAC, which is an app that allows for easy communication with remote employees. Telesupply ZAC is loaded with features, including presence status, secure group chat, web conference, and drag and drop call operations. Now, Absolute Abatement can continue providing excellent customer service.


Love and Salt is a restaurant located just a few steps from the Manhattan Beach pier. They operate with the philosophy that food only needs two ingredients to be great. Love and Salt contacted us to upgrade their phone systems as they are a busy restaurant that receives a high volume of calls, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings.

We were able to provide them with phones that not only suited the ambiance that Love and Salt was after, but the phones also offer the functionality they needed to continue operating at a high level. Love and Salt’s old phone systems were only able to handle 3-4 calls at a time, but the new phone systems can handle however many incoming calls there are and place them in a queue, allowing Love and Salt to not miss out on any business.


Lubrication Scientifics is a manufacturing company specializing in scientific measurement equipment. They were using an older VoIP phone system that had a few problems and wasn’t working up to their satisfaction. The cost to maintain those phones was also creeping up.

We moved them to a hosted phone service, which reduced the cost of their monthly phone bill. Lubrication Scientifics greatly valued our commitment to provide ongoing maintenance and support. Our services will allow Lubrication Scientifics to be more efficient and focus on their important work, rather than continually servicing outdated phone systems.

If your company finds itself in a situation where your equipment has been discontinued by the manufacturer, please contact us. There can be quite a bit of misleading information on the internet, and bringing in an unaffiliated technician off of Craiglist can lead to more problems. At Telesupply, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the optimal solution to this issue.

Telesupply values our customers’ trust and support. Helping your business provide the best customer service is our goal with every project we complete. Thank you for a fantastic 2019, and here is to a better 2020!

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