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Unified Communication Increases Business Efficiency and Productivity

Communication is one of the most vital elements of a successful business, and finding ways to improve is key to the continued success of your company. Telesupply understands the importance of communication, and we want to provide all of the tools necessary to help your company succeed. That’s why we offer Unified Communications (UC), which allows your employees to stay productive and accessible, regardless of their location or device. Unifying your communications offers many benefits.


Unified Communications makes your employees’ jobs easier by saving time on simple work-related tasks. They can route incoming calls to wherever they are, whether it’s to the office phone, cell phone, or phone application on their computer. Having the ability to work from anywhere is a significant advantage for your business, as they can work from home during times of emergency or after a disaster. Your employees will be able to communicate effectively and be productive while ensuring their safety at home.


Since UC uses VoIP technology to integrate different communication platforms, your phone costs will decrease. Additionally, your long-distance costs will decrease as all communication is done via an internet connection. Freeing up money every month will benefit your business as you will be able to allocate those resources to other parts of your company.


A UC solution will allow your company to have a remote workforce with no interruptions to customer service or productivity. Having the flexibility to work remotely is a massive benefit for businesses, and has been made more necessary with the current COVID-19 crisis the US is dealing with. Companies that could work remotely were able to seamlessly transition, whereas companies that had no accessible alternative have had to scramble to get the proper technology in place.

Some features of our Unified Communications platform are:

  • UC client for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Seamless multi-site integration
  • Telesupply IP phones support remote workers without needing a VPN connection
  • User-friendly administration interface
  • And more!

If your business needs to unify its communications to increase efficiency and productivity, contact Telesupply. We take your business seriously and will work diligently to get your company set up with Unified Communications. We have over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge, and we will get the job done correctly.