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We Are Expanding on the Services We Offer

Having been around since the 1980s, we’re no strangers to continuous self-innovation and improving on what we traditionally offer. We’ve adapted to the changes from the Cloud to VoIP. However, learning how to utilize modern technology is a luxury that not every business can afford. There are, however, many businesses that can’t afford to promptly change to newer, modern solutions. That’s why we at Telesupply are expanding our extensive services to make the skills and knowledge we’ve learned over the decades available to them.

From programming older equipment to installations of older PBX systems, Telesupply has a clear vision of the services we plan to offer going forward:

  • Installations– It doesn’t matter if your business needs a hosted cloud phone system or an older PBX setup, Telesupply will be able to handle the install properly.
  • Repairs– Having trouble finding someone who can repair your technology because of its age? We can repair it for you regardless of how old it may be.
  • Programming– Finding a company that knows how to program older systems like phones can be challenging. Luckily we know our way around most systems and can easily set it up how you need.
  • Moving– From physical moves to technology migrations, we’ll be able to assist you through any transition. We’ll even have a moving checklist we can provide to help make the process easier.

We know how we plan to go forward in this new decade, and we are tremendously excited to show all of you our new services as they come. If you are interested in any of the valuable services we mentioned or want to learn more about what we intend to offer going forward, give us a call or send us a message.